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When will we announce the movies & guest?

The week before the shows. Guests are never announced.

How do you submit a song?

GREAT! We are so excited. You can email your song to: howdidthisgetmade@earwolf.com

Where are old eps?

They are available on Stitcher Premium. (Use offer code BONKERS for a free month trial.) We rotate them about every three months and make sure each ep gets it's time to re-shine. (Keep an eye out for our Twitter too @HDTGM as we like to ask the fans which eps they're missing the most!

How can you submit a Second Opinion song at a live show?

You don’t have to do anything until the night of the show. Paul will select 5-6 people from the crowd at random. So be alert and get his attention.

Where can I suggest a movie for the podcast?

Tweet at us using the #HDTGMIDEA

If you're wondering when our next live show is or if we’re coming to your town

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Have a correction, omission, or just want some life advice from Paul?

Call this number and leave a voicemail 619-PAULASK, (619) 728-5275. We check these each week and pick the best ones for Paul to read during the minisodes.


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